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Marwa, Lebanese, English Lit MA (finally) and university instructor, first set up this blog to get myself through writing my thesis. I am therefore living proof that Tumblr can prevent a person from pulling out their hair.
Things you will find on here (will be updated whenever I remember anything):

Books and Literature: in general, Jane Austen, Victorian Lit, Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, Hunger Games.

TV & Movies (random order): Period Dramas, Harry Potter, LotR, Pushing Daisies, Merlin, Sherlock, Being Human, Chuck, Haven, Community, Downton Abbey, Once upon a Time, Outsourced, Legend of the Seeker, Robin Hood (BBC), The Hour, Alias, Prison Break, 24, Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Psych, and a lot more I suppose.

Other: Random awesomeness I find, Islamic stuff and Arabic/Lebanese stuff (etc.)

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Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

(via thatwetshirt)

  • Me: But I have about fifty books at home I haven't read, there's no reason for me to buy these.
  • My brain: Okay, but consider this: more books.

I’m at the mercy of someone else’s patience. And it sucks.


Islam isn’t all or nothing. You can make small improvements each day that can last the rest of your life. And these changes often start during Ramadan.

So if you have never read the Qur’an (or a translation) in its entirety, it may seem overwhelming to try to finish it…


Aftar on duty : A patient of fire arm injury came 30 min before Ifatri and surgeons instead of delaying started operating on him to save his life and just took water at Iftar and continued the work and saved the patient. Respect and Salute for the Doctors serving public 24/7 in Ramzan and saving lives.

Courtesy: Young Doctors Association Pakistan

Resource: Payaam Trust

At night we wait for day. In the day we wait for night. Waiting for our turn in the slaughterhouse…

We should always remain together, in one room. If a missile comes, we’ll all be killed, so none of us is left alive, alone.

Gaza civilians waiting ‘for the slaughterhouse’ , July 13, 2014. Life  described by a Palestinian woman with her family in Gaza. Article from haaretz.com (via narrativehuman)


World Cup 2014: Germany Defeats Argentina in Final - NYTimes.com en We Heart It.